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Three graces london


Re-Branding & Web Design

Personal Project
Year: 2019

Three Graces London takes the wearer seamlessly from balmy beaches to summer days in the city.

I really liked the mood, style of clothes, images, the philosophy behind and the designs.

Three Graces London is a luxury summerwear brand I came accross 3 years ago.

Comfortable yet sophiscated, effortlessly gracious and authentic. 


The goal of this personal project is to enhance the identity, values and personality of this brand.

Re-branding will give a clearer impression and deliver its message and philosophy to the audience.

My goal is to connect its philosophy to the appreciation of the nature that will enhance the experience of feeling of freedom to the audience and increase the awareness.  


My instagram is @y.on.z

And my email is

I am looking for opportunities, work, experience, fun, feedback, network, anything to start the advendture!